Our Trailblazing USA Series

The USA (Ultimate Stick/Stand Attachment) completely revolutionizes how mobile hunters attach their sticks & stands to the tree. By utilizing our trailblazing design, mobile hunters are now able to ditch bulky straps and upgrade to a lighter and tighter solution.

Purchase Your USA
  • Extremely Lightweight

    Feels like nothing when it's in your hand, yet yields the maximum strength-to-weight ratio, very low stretch, and is stronger than the same sized wire rope.

  • Strong As Steel

    Because Amsteel rope is made with Dyneema fibers, it's strong as steel to support you and all of your gear. Samthane coating enhances this rope's already high abrasion and cut resistance.

  • Incredibly Safe

    Our products are designed with your safety in mind. We test all products in the field as well as in the lab for guaranteed safe working load and breaking strength!