Frequently Asked Questions

What friction hitch does the USA (Ultimate Stick/Stand Attachment) use?

All of our USA series attachment methods utilize a Schwabisch hitch

Do you share how your specialty friction hitches are tied?

No, we do not share or demonstrate how any of our hitches or knots are tied. We work very hard to have the most innovative products in the industry and to protect that we do not share specifics on our attachments. 

Do you offer a military/first responder discount?

Yes, we offer a 15% discount to our active duty military, veterans and first responder. The discount is not valid with sales or other offers. To receive the discount please see our 'Contact Us' page and send us a message. Proof of service required. 

Do you offer discounts for whole sale orders?

Yes! We have a page dedicated to our whole sale inquires and discounts are based on size of order, but typically range from 15-20%.

What size Daisy Chain will I need to fit my stick?

As of August 2023 all of our Daisy Chains are made to a 2.25" diameter for loop spacing. This is the smallest loops offered in the industry, while also allowing the product to fit with every versa button on every stick on the market.

What length attachment method do you offer?

All of our attachment methods (USA, Daisy Chain, Rope Mod, etc.) are made to a standard of 8' long. This is 2 feet longer than the standard cam buckle length. If you are interested in a longer length please see our Attachment Method Extension under our 'Products' page or message us on our 'Contact Us' page to inquire about a custom order. 

Do you offer custom orders?

Yes, the best time for a custom order is in the off season (January-July), but orders can be made any time with product times varying during hunting season. Custom orders involve changes to color, attachment length, diameter, aider step distance, etc. 

What is the life expectancy of Amsteel?

Amsteel is a synthetic rope and should last multiple hunting seasons. For best results regularly inspect your Amsteel products for fraying, cuts, etc. To improve the life of your Amsteel reduce friction whenever possible between Amsteel and metal. For example, when applying Amsteel Aiders to a stick, file down sharp edges and apply adhesive barriers such as Stealth Strips. As of now we recommend replacing your Amsteel products every 3 seasons or if you see signs of wear.

Do you offer order pick up?

We do offer in person pick up order. Our business is based out of Saginaw, MI and if you are local and want to pick up your order please message us before or at time of order to receiving shipping discount code. No requests for pick up will be honored 24 hours after order placement. Also, in person pick ups do not change lead times. We will email you when your order is ready. 

What aider step distance do I need?

We offer 14", 17" and 20" step distances. Our most common step distance is 17". For hunters shorter than 5'8", we recommend the 14" step distance. For hunter 5'9" to 6'2" we recommend the 17" step distance. And for those taller than 6'3" we recommend the 20" step distance. For late season/cold weather climbing we recommend sizing down to assist with climbing in bulkier layers. 

What is the difference between the USA and the USA Pro?

Our USA Stick and USA Stand offer a single Schwabisch with tender. The Pro Series features the same Schwabisch and tender with the addition of a second Schwabisch for an added level of tightening. For a full review of the USA vs USA Pro, see the video attached below the product descriptions. 

 What sticks will work with the Amsteel Aiders for Double Step Sticks?

Our Amsteel Aiders will work with any stick that offers 2 points of contact on the bottom stick. For example, a stick with a single swivel step would NOT work with an Amsteel Aider. 

Do you offer Amsteel bridges for saddles?

We offer multiple Amsteel Bridges in our shop under the 'Bridges' category. They are all universal and work with all saddles on the market. The descriptions will provide you information on how to attach them to your saddle.

What is the difference between the Beast Tender and the TAG Tender?

The Beast Tender is what originally made the USA Series revolutionary by allowing for single handed tightening, but we did have some instances of breakage. The TAG Tender is our solution to that problem. The TAG Tender was designed specifically work with our USA Series and offers a greater breaking strength, while remaining the same dimensions. If you would like to upgrade your current Beast Tender to a TAG Tender please see 'TAG Tender ONLY' under 'Accessories'.