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Amsteel Whoopi Sling

Amsteel Whoopi Sling

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Our Whoopi Slings are a simple and quick attachment method for sticks. To tighten, simply pull the tag end until desired tightness is reached. Available in 7/64", 1/8" and 3/16" Amsteel diameters. 

Whoopi Slings are also great for attaching hammocks to trees!

Length: 7' 

Safe Working Load: 320lb, 500lb and 1080lb

Breaking Strength: 1600lb, 2500lb and 5400lb

Weight: 0.5-2 oz 

Color: Black with white bungee  

Price is for one (1) Amsteel product. Picture shows product in use. Climbing sticks, stands and platforms are not included.


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