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The Amsteel QuickDraw offers an adjustable solution for carrying gear up the tree. The QuickDraw girth hitches to your saddle and allows for an easy and secure way to haul your sticks and other gear up the tree.

The QuickDraw is offered in two different variations:

The VB or versa button option is designed to attach to the versa button and keep your stick higher on your hip.

The SO or stand off option is designed to attach to the standoff of your stick and keep your stick lower on your thigh.

These options also both work on platforms!

They will come with our OHQA (One Handed Quick Adjust) tab for easy adjustment. 

Length: N/A 

Safe Working Load: 50lb

Breaking Strength: 50lb

Weight: 0.25 oz

Color: Black with varying tab color

Price is for one (1) Amsteel product. Picture shows product in use. Climbing sticks, stands and platforms are not included.


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