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Ring Holder ONLY for Pocket Pull Up Rope

Ring Holder ONLY for Pocket Pull Up Rope

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The Ring Holder is an add-on option for our Pocket Pull Up Rope. 

This Ring Holder was designed for The Amsteel Guy and made in Michigan. It offers a simple way to hold the Pocket Pull Up Rope while letting down line or hoisting gear and wrapping the line. The Ring Holder folds flat for storage. 

The Ring Holder can be added or removed from the Pocket Pull Up Rope using the INCLUDED allen wrench, but repeated added/removal will result in the stripping of the plastic nut in the handle and will impair the function of the handle. 

Weight: *** oz 

Color: black

Price is for one (1) product. Picture shows product in use. Climbing sticks, stands and platforms are not included.


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