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TAG Mount

TAG Mount

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The TAG Mount is part of out Evolution Series of products and is a premiere trail camera and secondary filming mount. The TAG Mount utilizes a nylon webbing strap, a 6061 aluminum base plate and a plastic quick connect/disconnect camera mount to hang trail cameras and GoPro similar cameras.

The use of these unique accessories allows you to hang trail cameras from an elevated position and angle them down towards your desired target. The quick connect/disconnect feature of this product allows you to attach the nylon strap to the tree and tighten, then add your camera, making for a more simple and efficient process. 

This camera mount is designed to work with average to small cameras, larger trail cameras not advised. 

Length: 6.5' 

Safe Working Load: N/A

Breaking Strength: N/A

Weight: 4.4 oz 

Color: Black and green

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