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USA – Ultimate Stick Attachment

USA – Ultimate Stick Attachment

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The USA is our most popular attachment method, and for good reason. The USA is offered for both sticks as well as stands and platforms. What makes the USA unique is it's Schwabisch hitch and TAG tender for exceptional tightness and ease of use. This attachment method allows for limitless adjustment as it does not need loops or knots for tightening. The USA Stick is made using 1/8" Amsteel mainline and 7/64" Schwabisch hitch. 

With our most recent upgrade to our Schwabisch hitch and TAG tender we were able to decrease overall bulk weight from the product by no longer requiring a full bury design while maintaining exceptional strength and tightness.

Both attachment methods are available in a 'Pro' series. This option adds a second Schwabisch hitch along the main line of the rope to utilize a pulley/trucker hitch effect and get the attachment twice as tight as the original. To 'Load' your USA into the Pro setup simply run the main line around the versa button while keeping the first Schwabisch hitch 14-16" from the versa button and then run the remainder of the line through the first Schwabisch. Then attach second Schwabisch to versa button and pull tight. 

See video below for further instructions on how to 'Load' your USA Pro. 

For additional fee choose 'Pre-Load' below to have your USA Pro Loaded and ready for easier and quicker use upon delivery.

USA Stick

Length: 8'

Safe Working Load: 320lb

Breaking Strength: 1600lb

Weight: 0.7 oz 

Color: Black Amsteel with white bungee 

Price is for one (1) Amsteel product. Picture shows product in use. Climbing sticks, stands and platforms are not included.


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