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Webbing Aider

Webbing Aider

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Our Webbing Aider is a product released in our Evolution Series and is the first aider released by The Amsteel Guy not made of Amsteel. Webbing Aiders are a great lightweight but durable option for climbing. They come in single, double and triple step options with 15" step distance. Webbing Aiders come with an Aider Cinch to attach to your stick for easy storage when not in use. 

Webbing Aiders work with ALMOST ALL double step sticks. Known sticks that cannot accommodate to the opening of the Webbing Aider are the Elevate sticks and the Tethrd OneSticks. 

Length: 15"-45"

Safe Working Load: 800lb

Breaking Strength: 4000lb

Weight: 2-5 oz

Color: Green and black 

Price is for one (1) product. Picture shows product in use. Climbing sticks, stands and platforms are not included.


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